Today, Spotler Group announced the acquisition of Buckles, developer of an (international) connection platform. Adding Buckles and the platform to Spotler Group’s portfolio fits within the Group’s strategy to support customers with data issues. Connecting different platforms and making the right data available is a major challenge for many marketers. By using, they can quickly and easily connect all platforms that they use.

Buckles: Specialist in E-commerce, founded in 2014 by Niels den Daas and Kevin Hoogerwerf, has specialised in E-commerce Platforms, Email Service Providers and Customer Data Platforms connections in recent years. Buckles now has 300+ connections and the SaaS platform processes millions of orders per month. 

Under the hood, is a self-developed intelligent engine that ensures high reliability and makes developing and maintaining integrations smart and efficient. This allows every customer to realize the necessary API integrations themselves. There are no upfront costs or development costs, but for a low amount per month, the right connection is in 5 minutes. 

From customization to scalable standardization 

As entrepreneurs, Den Daas and Hoogerwerf founded CodeBridge, a full-service development club for creating custom integrations. However, all integrations that were developed had to be further developed at low costs, without the possibility of reuse and without a budget for maintenance. This led to high SLA contracts/costs for customers and a lot of frustration and headaches. The search for a good solution for this led to the idea of ​​ Standard integrations between platforms will be an exciting and interesting journey for our employees, customers, and partners.

Buckles and the Spotler Group

The collaborations between Buckles and other companies within the Spotler Group (Spotler Nederland and Squeezely) ensure that the paths of both organizations regularly cross. The philosophy behind the Buckles platform fits within the Spotler Group’s vision of software development, which led to flirtation, exploratory conversations, more intensive collaboration, and an acquisition. 

Within the Spotler Group, can add even more value and efficiency, and the platform can grow faster (internationally), a dream that is becoming reality for Niels den Daas: “The products within the group are complementary to each other, and we can realize a very nice WIN-WIN here with Buckles by, on the one hand, integrating the products in the Group via Buckles, but on the other hand, bring all existing integrations to all customers within the Group. This allows us to grow so quickly and scalably within a time frame that would otherwise never have been feasible.” 

Lee Chadwick, CEO of the Spotler Group: “I am very excited about the opportunities the Buckles connection platform will bring us and our customers. Buckles gives us the ability to quickly and easily build connections  between our products and the outside world, allowing for the rapid ingestion of data to fuel smarter segments and enhance our ability to continually deliver the right message in the right channel to the right person, at the right time” 

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