‍Advertising on Meta expands your reach beyond existing customers and helps you find new audiences. Offering these audiences with richer digital experiences is the best way to get them engaged with your brand stories. But how to bring these experiences to life? What steps can you take to make them relevant?

First you need great data driven insights, then you need to ensure these insights are made actionable for a marketing team. Do this and you will be able to respond to customer behaviour immediately, riding new digital trend waves to business success. Building these actionable data-driven insights, as consumers interact with your business across different platforms, can be a challenge. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) offers a structured, secure, privacy-first approach to this challenge. It helps you manage identity in one place, so your marketing team can focus on building the rich digital experiences your customers expect from your business and maximize your advertising budget on Meta.

High quality signals improve your advertising results

Advertising on Meta platforms relies on sharing accurate information about what’s happening on your website. User actions like viewed products, add to carts and purchases can be sent to Meta as ‘signals’ and are vital information to make sure your ads are being shown to the right audiences. Improving the quality of these signals is a great way to directly improve your campaign performance. To this end Meta has introduced the Event Match Quality (EMQ) score. This score helps advertisers understand the quality of their signals. A high EMQ score means that your signals are accurately matched against Meta user profiles and can be used to improve campaign performance. Sending more information along with your signals will result in a higher EMQ.

Using Identity for better Event Match Quality

Businesses using a CDP can benefit from automated customer identification on their website. This means that your website traffic will become more insightful and turned into enriched ‘360-profiles’. These profiles store behavioural patterns along with identifiers that are unique to a customer, for example an email- or IP-address, phone number or other unique identifiers. When you send a signal about a user interaction to Meta, user identifiers become important. Without an identifier, the interaction can’t be matched with a user on Facebook or Instagram causing your signals to become less valuable and harder for you to deliver richer experiences through your digital campaigns. Using only the Meta pixel, advertisers are not able to include identifiers for every interaction. This is why Conversions API got introduced as a resilient, privacy-first method to send identified signals directly over a server-to-server connection.

Introducing Meta Conversions API by Spotler Activate

With the Meta Conversions API you have a resilient data transfer on the server side. Because each interaction is associated with an identified profile in your CDP, Spotler Activate sends all your signals to the Conversions API with different identifiers associated with it. This provides higher quality signals that improve your EMQ score. As a result, lower cost-per-action for campaigns and help meet Meta’s recommended EMQ score of 6.0 or higher.

Spotler Activate’s Meta Pro app aims to improve your EMQ score to meet Meta’s recommended standards.

Integrating lead ads into your 360-degree profiles

Data sharing between your CDP and Meta works both ways too. Meta Conversions API includes an integration with Lead ads and will create a 360-degree customer profile each time a new lead is generated by your campaign. This profile will then be enriched with behavioural information when that lead visits your website. What pages did they visit? What products are they interested in? Each interaction also creates an opportunity to follow up with a relevant 1-to-1 message. Send them an email, direct message, or just put an automated alert into your sales team’s CRM to follow up a lead. Streamlining these automated processes will put your business on the front foot.

Personalized Experiences beyond the click

Identified, enriched user profiles provide useful insights. Spotler Activate CDP is able to structure this behavioural data at scale and apply powerful algorithmic predictions to unlock value from your data. These predictions can range from accurate personal product recommendations to high value audience segmentations. You will know which visitors are ready to convert and what products they are after, as well as which customers need to be prevented from churning. It’s these valuable insights that enable your marketing team to build a customer journey that can adapt to individual behaviour. And your business, too, will be able to adapt to any challenges that come your way.

About our Meta Conversions API app

Spotler has built a Customer Data Platform Spotler Activate and is a Meta Signals Partner. Our Meta Pro app enables future proof data sharing for your advertising campaigns. Spotler Activate CDP also includes built-in website personalization and a journey builder to create 1-to-1 personalized digital experiences. Want to know how Spotler Activate + Meta PRO can help your business? ‍Reach out to our team.

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