Document and image management

Upload your images and documents in Spotler Mail+

Make it easy for yourself and manage your images and documents in Spotler Mail+.


View and upload images

Upload an image directly in a newsletter, in a landing page or save the image in the Images module. Spotler Mail+ makes it easy to organize your images into handy folders. And you know what’s nice: you can make the overview view of your saved images visual. This way you can immediately see what is in the images.

Manage different types of documents

In Spotler Mail+ you can save different types of documents. To be precise: PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and ICS. The latter is a well-known calendar file. Useful if you invite contacts to an event via email. And if you upload the new brochure, presentation or promotional conditions in Spotler, you no longer have to save them on your website or your FTP location.

Archive images and documents

You can archive all saved images and documents plus folders you’ve created. When you have finished with the ‘June campaign email images’ folder, you can save the folder in a special archive overview. This also applies to the stored documents. This way you can always work with your most current images and documents on the most important overview pages.

Edit images?

In Spotler Mail+ it is certainly possible to edit images. You don’t need Photoshop for minor changes. Go to the page about our Image Editor if you are curious about the possibilities.

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