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Drive more traffic, increase conversion and retain customers with our eCommerce and retailer solutions.


Recharge your Retail

E-commerce giants like Amazon have demonstrated the potential revenue uplift when retailers tune into their customer data, make product recommendations and stay connected and relevant to their consumers. You too can see these results, increase sales, get repeat business and retain customers with personalized dynamic emails and website personalization.

The personal touch

Create highly targeted, relevant emails that convert with dynamic content based on audience segments, online behaviour and consumer preferences. Recommend products based on their segment, past purchase history or products they have viewed on your website and use event data like cart abandonment, the release of a new product or their first purchase to trigger automated, dynamic email campaigns.



Their personal shopper

Make your customer’s online experience their own with dynamic, timely, personalised messaging and product recommendations. By applying collaborative filtering, our solution can determine the relevance of products and purchase timing, offering complimentary products, alternatives or new products they might not have considered. These recommendations are delivered in real-time on-site, via ads through external channels and with follow-up emails. Every method is easily programmed, and its results are effectively measured.

Understand your customer

Easily define audience segments based on attributes like age, sex, previous purchases or where they are in your customer journey or dig deeper into their behaviour with our Customer Data Platform. A preference centre puts the consumer in control as they can decide what they are interested in and how they want to you to communicate with them. All, of course, remaining completely compliant with the privacy legislation in your market.

Get a quick start

Create dynamic customer newsletters in minutes with our simple drag-and-drop interface and library of pre-defined email templates and out-of-the-box campaigns built for frequently used automation like card abandonment, new customer welcome and product reviews.


A seamless transaction

Delight your customer and continue the conversation during purchase, delivery and unboxing with engaging transactional emails, and omnichannel messaging with WhatsApp and SMS to keep them informed and connected.



Test and learn

Measurement is the watchword in marketing and agile marketers can optimize the web and email experience and try multiple versions of a campaign and, with automated A/B or multi-variant testing, discover which is most effective and provides the best results, then automatically switch if one option works better.

Get personal

Dynamic, personalised recommendations on the web and via email

Built for retail

Out of the box e-commerce features, email templates and campaigns

Easy target

Be relevant with our easy segmentation and dynamic content features

Agile merchandising

Optimise the experience with automated A/B and multi-variant testing

Get started

Start quickly with our pre-built templates and drag and drop interfaces

Let us show you

Get in touch, and let us show you how we help some of the leading European retailers and e-commerce companies connect with their customers and how our e-commerce solution helps them to increase revenue and retain customers.

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